Archery Legend Bob Markworth

An archery Hall of Fame inductee and past California State archery champion, BOB MARKWORTH has been performing his spectacular bow and arrow shooting act in night clubs, hotels, theaters, sport shows and on TV in 64 different countries around the world. Together with his beautiful partners, this daring duo is considered one of the world’s top variety attractions.

Bob Markworth, who has bowhunted big game on six continents, is also an outdoor writer, ghost-writer, author, and keynote speaker. His articles have appeared in most of the major bowhunting magazines, foreign and domestic. He has recently produced a 70 minute video documentary called “THE ARROW MASTER”. This hour long documentary traces the history of the bow and arrow from its use by primitive man as a weapon for obtaining food and self defense, to its role in later years, as a popular modern sport.

This all encompassing documentary shows every aspect of the sport of archery from target shooting to bowhunting and bowfishing and historical coverage of the world-wide development of the bow and arrow; battle scenes from the re-enactment of the battle of Agincourt in 1565, Japanese yabusame, (horse archery), ski archery and Bob’s trick shooting on stage and TV. Action clips of archery greats, Chuck Adams, Ted Nugent, Randy Ulmer, Glen St. Charles, Australian Olympic Archery champion, Simon Fairweather and others are sprinkled throughout this exceptional DVD, with thrilling bowhunting and bowfishing scenes from around the world.

With a zealous passion for promoting the sport of archery, Bob spends most of his free time between his stage appearances, bowhunting trips, teaching archery and lecturing in schools and auditoriums, expounding the attributes of archery while delivering an anti-drug message to attentive students. Bob Markworth is considered the all around, world’s leading professional archer.
You can follow the remarkable exploits of this ambassador for the sport of archery through his explicit, documented, adventure travels chronicled in the AMERICAN ROBIN HOOD book series, I & II, “Where Arrows Fly” and “Extreme Bowhunting Adventures”, and monthly blogs on his website.

Bob’s exciting act is available for bookings at clubs, conventions, and functions of all kinds. For more information, contact Bob Markworth the „Arrow Master“ here:

Archery Legend Bob Markworth

Archery Legend Bob Markworth


Über Bowman

Bowman, writer, archer, photographer, stunt-shot, movie shot, TV-show archer, promoter, arts, literature, movie and poesy.
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