Good Schmeisser Archery Hunting, Paul Hayes!



Mr. Paul Hayes of Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, wrote us via e-mail:

Hello Schmeisser Archery,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the exceptional craftsmanship of your broadheads. Hunting with a recurve bow, I need every advantage available. Was skeptical at paying this much for broadheads, but could immediately tell they were of the finest quality. Upon opening the package, the heft, symmetry, and edge were self evident of your skill.

Your 150gr head passed through the Elk you see below at just under 30 meters. The bow is only 52lbs. The elk went about 50 meters, layer down, and expired. Ideal performance, and was amazed at how unaffected the head was. It looked as if I had just pulled it out of the package.

I will leave my boots at home before I hunt without these heads, a great product at any price!

My success is yours as well……. Paul


Good Schmeisser Archery Hunting by Paul Hayes!

Good Schmeisser Archery Hunting by Paul Hayes!

Good Schmeisser Archery Hunting by Paul Hayes!


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Bowman, writer, archer, photographer, stunt-shot, movie shot, TV-show archer, promoter, arts, literature, movie and poesy.
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