Byron Ferguson performs in the Netherlands

Byron Ferguson performs in Holland, Netherlands

Byron Ferguson performs in Holland, Netherlands


Byron became infatuated with the bow and arrow at the age of 12 and began working as a bricklayer’s helper to earn money to purchase his first recurve.

Now famous for his coin trick, Byron once shot eight dimes in a row out of the air.

He uses no sights or other gadgets when he shoots.

He developed his style of shooting by sitting in a totally dark room and shooting out the flames of candles.

Splitting a playing card in half – from the side – is one of Byron’s favorite tricks.

The most difficult shot of Byron’s career came while performing on the television show Super People in Tokyo when he shot an arrow through a diamond ring. Without knowing about the trick and without any practice, Byron made a perfect shot.

Byron strongly believes in Howard Hill’s philosophy: “If you want to become a good archer then you should learn the bow and let your body become an extension of the bow. If you want to become a great archer, you should let your body become the arrow.”

When he began shooting, he did not have to worry about hitting the paper target on a bale of hay – he could not even hit the hay.

Byron is a show favorite, attracting not only avid bowhunters and archers, but whole families.

Byron Ferguson

Byron Ferguson with a young fan.

One of the major reasons he shoots a longbow is because it has so much romance tied to it. Longbows are traceable to the cavemen and have been praised in songs, poems and stories since the dawn of mankind.

When Byron Ferguson put down his hunting rifle in favor of a bow and arrow, he had more than 200 whitetails to his credit.

Byron Ferguson

Byron Ferguson with a Schmeisser Archery broadhead.

Byron was the first American invited to Europe to demonstrate his longbow skills since the legendary Howard Hill toured the continent more than 40 years ago.

When Byron performed at the National Game Fair on the grounds of Chambord Castle in France, he was the most popular attraction and earned the title “King of the Show.”

Byron appeared on American Shooter on TNN, ESPN, ESPN2 and OLN for ten years where his “SHOT OF THE WEEK” was the most watched portion of the show.

Byron is again working with Jim Scoutten, host of American Shooter, on Jim’s new programShooting USA on The Outdoor Channel.

Byron served as host and producer on TNN’s Everything Outdoors the worlds first “how-to” outdoor TV program. While filming a segment for this show the Apache Indians named Byron ‘TDO-EE-CEE-E’ which means The One That Doesn’t Miss.

In 2003 Byron formed BYRON FERGUSON PRODUCTIONS, a full service video production company. This company produces Byron’s video work as well as work for anyone needing high quality video production or DVD duplication.

Byron is the author of “Become The Arrow” a paperback instructional book on bare bow shooting as well as the video of the same title and other archery related video’s.

Byron Ferguson signing souvenirs. Photo by Peter O. Stecher 2011

Byron Ferguson signing souvenirs. Photo by Peter O. Stecher 2011

Since Byron began shooting exhibition archery he has performed in the following countries:

France  — Live at the French Game Fair

Japan  — Live National TV

Chile   — Live National TV

Italy   — Live National TV

Spain   — Live National TV

Canada — Taped delay National TV

USA   — Live National TV – Taped delay National TV – Live

Appearances – 24 major outdoor shows in 1996 – 23 in 2004.

Some of these events draw over 100,000 people.

Sweden — Summer 2001 – Swedish Game Fair

Nov. 29, 2001 – The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Byron Ferguson, Become the Arrow, Peter O. Stecher-2011-001

Byron Ferguson’s, Become the Arrow.

HAILED BY THE PRESS. . .“I finally got to see Byron Ferguson in action. I don’t think I was ever that spellbound as a child. Ferguson created magic with the 68-inch longbow, slamming bull’s-eyes from every imaginable hunting position.” – Mike Bolton, The Birmingham News

“Byron Ferguson is the greatest longbow archer in the world.”                               – Dan Quillan, Western Bowhunter

“Today, Byron Ferguson is not only one of the South’s top bowhunters, he is also one of the country’s premier trick archers – capable of impaling a silver dollar-sized disc in flight with an aluminum arrow from his longbow.” – Tim Tucker, The Palm Beach Post

Byron Ferguson

Byron & Wanda Ferguson performing „The Backbreaker Shot“.

“It appears that the Howard Hill torch has been passed to another native Alabaman.”            –J. Morgan Smith, Traditional Bowhunter

“I have only observed the late Howard Hill accomplish feats similar to those of Byron. His achievements with the traditional longbow are a true credit to his sportsmanship, dedication, hard work and desire to be the best there is. Byron Ferguson is a sincere archer with a performance record second to none.” – Pete Fosselman, Bow & Arrow Hunting Magazine

“Byron is an individual who is a great archer, an exceptional showman, a very competent bowyer and an all around credit to our sport. I’ve watched him hold bowhunters in fascination with his easy Alabama manner while he made his longbow talk and his arrows sing.”                   – Norb Mullaney, Bowhunting World

“Like the immortal Howard Hill, Ferguson shoots with precision and accuracy that masters of the longbow have become legends for. I am amazed not only by his skill with the bow and arrow, but by his approach to life. Shooting dimes out of the air or shooting deer on the run, Ferguson is a master craftsman worthy of the Lincoln Green of Sherwood Forest.”                         – John Phillips, Outdoor Writers of America

Byron Ferguson

Byron Ferguson (blindfolded) and Wanda perfoming  archery stunts on stage.


“Byron really means it when he says he becomes the arrow. He has great Southern hospitality and the eye of the tiger – I would hate to be his target.”                                     – Gary Morris, Country Music Star

“Byron Ferguson is a master of traditional archery and a qualified judge of the best equipment available today.” – Ed McMillan III, Cedar Creek Hunting Lodge

“Byron’s performances are FUN in capital letters! His feats keep the crowd on the edge of their seats and involve the audience. He demonstrates a mastery of the longbow that I’ve not seen since Howard Hill. Even more important, he proves to one and all that archery is indeed fun – first, last and always.” –                                                                  – Jim Barnhart, Brigade Quartermasters Action Gear/ASAT Camouflage

“Byron is what every little boy dreams of becoming when he gets his first bow. He is a breath of fresh air, combining old world art of the longbow and Southern manners with a great show for family entertainment.”   – Bud Watts, Stillwaters Hunting Lodge

“Byron truly has incredible skills with the longbow. There is a real human being behind that bow and arrow who really knows his stuff where archery is concerned. And what an entertainer he is!” – Joe Young, Celebrity Outdoors

“In a class by himself, Byron is the archer’s archer. Not since Howard Hill has one man’s skill with the bow and arrow captivated so many people worldwide. He is archery’s ambassador to the world.” – Dr. John Freeland, Inventor of SXT Target Launcher

“Byron Ferguson is the foremost longbow archer not only in the United States, but in the world. Without a doubt, he has the ability to perform feats with a bow and arrow that are almost unbelievable even though you have seen it with your own eyes. Byron has generated more viewer response than any other subject on my show.” – Ken Tucker, Sportsman’s Showcase

“Byron is “THE MASTER OF THE LONGBOW” period.” –                                – Dickey Betts, Rock N’ Roll legend – founding member “The Allman Bros. Band

Byron Ferguson, on film set for the German Pro 7 channel, in Semriach, Austria. Foto by Herwig Art.

Byron Ferguson, on film set for the German Pro 7 channel, in Semriach, Austria. Foto by Herwig Art.


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