STRAIGHT AS AN ARROW with Howard Hill by Adolph Zukor

STRAIGHT AS AN ARROW with Howard Hill by Adolph Zukor:

The first part of this film shows Howard Hill’s construction of his preferred longbow and wooden arrows, in his workshop. Howard pays close attention in the selection of the proper quality of woods. He shows the three basics types of arrows, English Sparrow for targets, steel broadhead for big game hunting, and the blunt for small game. Then Howard does some expert target shooting lying down, backwards, with his feet, and on his back.He has a skeet shooting match with a professional shotgun skeet shooting champion, and winds up the film by shooting fish in a stream and his skill with broad head arrow shooting using his famous 110 lbs. pull longbow. Watch how Howard displays his mighty strength in drawing his strong longbow with ease.

Mr. Howard Hill and students.

Mr. Howard Hill and students.


Über Bowman

Bowman, writer, archer, photographer, stunt-shot, movie shot, TV-show archer, promoter, arts, literature, movie and poesy.
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