A Little Bit of Mojo

Great new article and a picture of a John Schulz American Longbow

Life and Longbows

Most of my readers already know that Steve Viau is my Dad and makes quivers out of PVC pipes and birch bark. What you probably don’t know is how GOOD he’s actually become doing it and how popular he is because of it.

His „BirchBark Rovers“ have acquired quite a fan base in our local archery communities and are really picking up steam thanks to Social Media. So much so I get direct messages on a weekly basis asking me about my father and his craft. This happens often in the real world as well. Two weeks ago was the Great Lakes Longbow Invitational in Hastings, Michigan – The Michigan Longbow Association’s flagship event. I now serve as a council member for the MLA and appear in their StickTalk publication often. I enjoyed conversation after conversation in my obnoxious yellow „STAFF“ shirt throughout the weekend, but it was…

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Über Bowman

Bowman, writer, archer, photographer, stunt-shot, movie shot, TV-show archer, promoter, arts, literature, movie and poesy.
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