Master Fun Li says: „…know and study your target…“

Master Fun Li says:  „…know, study your target, your goal, the game. Never look at your target with emotion, never with agression or fear – stay calm and you will hit any spot you want. Practise that with a slow beating heart. Face all the targets, even beasts, with a smile – like the sun is looking down on all beeings – do it the same way.“

Manuscripts of Archery Wisdom, Master Fun Li, NEA (New Earth Archery) Publishing, 2014.

Manuscript of Archery Wisdom, Master Fun Li, Peter O. Stecher, 2011Photo: Bogen, Pfeile Köcher aus sechs Kontinenten, Die Charles E. Grayson Sammlung,Verlag Angelika Hörnig, 2010, Seite 58.

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